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Dr. Cristina Giorgio Gemelli

Mental Health Coach


Dr. Cristina Giorgio Gemelli – Services Provided:
As a mental health coach, I provide support and help clients to manage their emotions, challenge their negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills and reduce stress and anxiety. I assist clients to achieve future goals, overcome fears to develop tools to cope with stressful situations and find new and better ways to achieve an extraordinary life.

I work with clients who want to improve their lives and their current situation. I assist and support them by aligning their intentions to their behaviors, while holding them accountable to their choices. I help them overcome potential roadblocks or self-limiting beliefs so they can achieve their goals and live a happier and fuller life and find healthier ways to cope with highly intense stressful situations. Working together, we create newer and more fulfilling opportunities for their lives. They are able to articulate and verbalize their goals and desires to make healthier, more informed life decisions and ensure they achieve measurable and sustainable results while breaking their comfort zone to achieve the lives they have always desired. I work with clients who are confused and feel helpless and overwhelmed to navigate their emotional turmoil. I guide them in finding a clear and enlightened path where they can find comfort and a space to find the answers they need to achieve a happier meaningful life.

The consultation can be on on the phone or as a video call through Whatsapp

To set up a consultation, please contact me by email at [email protected] or on Whatsapp using the number 202-359-1969.

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