Social anxiety disorder


Social anxiety disorder

Dr. Cristina GiorgioGemelli, an expert in Psychiatry, dedicates herself to treating Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) with empathy. Through a personalized approach and compassion, Dr. GiorgioGemelli works with patients to address challenges related to social anxiety.

Using cognitive-behavioral therapy as a foundation, Dr. GiorgioGemelli helps patients identify and modify negative and irrational thoughts contributing to social anxiety. She also integrates gradual exposure techniques, allowing patients to progressively confront feared situations in a safe and controlled environment.

Dr. GiorgioGemelli provides essential emotional support and develops practical strategies to manage anxiety during social interactions. Through her dedication and experience, Dr. GiorgioGemelli helps patients improve self-confidence and face social situations with greater security and serenity, enabling them to live a richer and more fulfilling life.

The doctor was extremely empathetic in understanding my anxiety issue that occurred every morning without any specific explanations. She followed up and resolved this problem for me. Even afterward, she assisted me over the phone in the therapy. I am particularly grateful for her availability because she changed my personal situation significantly.

The doctor immediately made me feel comfortable, and with her assistance, I was able to understand my suffering. I would recommend her to anyone who has not yet found a doctor capable of understanding them. FM

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Giorgio. She is the most capable, compassionate, and supportive person I have ever met. My life has changed in so many positive ways after working with her. I am more confident, outgoing, relaxed, and I feel better in all aspects of my personal and professional life. I am so grateful for her patience and guidance, and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to know and work with her.

Highly professional, an excellent and attentive listener, and incredibly skilled at making you feel comfortable. She deeply understands the person in front of her, and through her words, she will make you feel liberated from the burden you carry within.


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